Brioche Crostini with garlic Cheese Crumbles, tomato and fig chutney

Lunch / Side dish

25 min.

4 personenpersons


1 piece  small brioche bread roll
1 piece bucket cheese crumbles garlic
2 pieces pommedori tomatoes
1 piece red onion
1 piece jar of fig chutney (by a specialist shop)
twigs garnish


Preheat the convection oven  to 170 degrees celcius.

Cut with a serrated knife the brioche bread roll in the length by 4.

Spread the top with a hefty low of fig chutney.

Cut the tomatoes into slices and lay it on the fig chutney.

Cut the red onion into paper-thin rings and spreads them over the tomato slices.

Take the Cheese Crumbles and finish the roll with a full hand crumbles.

Bake off on a paper in a baking dish on 170 degrees celcius for 15 minutes.

Garnish with Cress oro other germ types.

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